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A Newborn Care Specialist is a non-medically trained care provider, having been trained in newborn care, nutrition, bottle feeding and breastfeeding as well as child development. A Newborn Care Specialist primarily is concerned with the caring of the infant, while also providing support and guidance to the parents.

Postpartum Doula is a supportive adviser for a new mother. She offers her experience and training as well as friendship and support during the postpartum fourth trimester. She will help with newborn care, meal preparation and infant soothing and coping skills. A Postpartum Doula supports a new mother  so she can fully enjoy and care for her baby.

New parents call upon me to help care for and develop good care habits for their sleepless newborns. With my help, parents will learn and begin to practice proper and accepted baby care techniques to create healthy sleep schedules for the newborn and her parents.

I am available and excited to work in home for several weeks with newborns and their families all around the world.  

A sound a sleep newborn means a much happier, healthier family. It is my priority to inform, encourage and support parents to ensure you have the happiest, healthiest family possible.

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The Leonard Family

“…my previously euphoric wife was
stricken with a particularly nasty bout of postpartum depression which effectively incapacitated her. [Eleonor’s] presence enabled my wife and I to get through the  most difficult time in our lives.”

The Biederman Family

“She was prompt, efficient and
personable. Most importantly, she fit  seamlessly into our family…The babies  adore her and are full of smiles when she arrives. ”

The Jones Family

I went to sleep each  night, knowing that my son was in good hands - trust is everything.”

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